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Welcome to the
Alchemy Coaching Institute

We will provide you with tools and practices to help you realize your potential – both in your personal and business lives.

Alchemy symbols

So, what the heck is Alchemy?

Alchemy traces its roots back to the earliest use of fire and imagination. It was in the melting pot of ancient Alexandria that the art, science and practices of alchemy evolved into Western alchemy as we know it today.

Is alchemy the process of turning lead into gold?  In a sense, yes.  Alchemy is about changing something from its potential state into its realized form.  In Alchemy, this applies to the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of life.  Alchemy is a time proven art and science.

What is the Alchemy Coaching Institute? 


Our vision is to help you connect to the truth of who you really are and, from there, manifest the great possibilities that await you!


There are two primary objectives that Alchemists work toward:


  1. Interweave and harness the power of the physical, psychological and spiritual domains simultaneously

  2. The art of creating a vision (“Intention”) and identifying the action needed to fulfill that vision (“Attention”)


We will provide you with tools and practices to help you realize your potential – both in your personal and business lives.


In today’s world, with much of the focus being on achievement, strategy, and intellectual and financial gain, the soul is lost.  Without the soul (passion), the fuel to ignite fulfillment and desired results can be elusive.  Abundance, success, and tangible results are all byproducts of the alchemical process…but it all starts with you.  One of the inscriptions on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece says it all: “Know thyself”.  That means digging deep, doing your personal and alchemical work…and continuing to do the work.  The work is ongoing.  Alchemy is called the “Magnum Opus”, which means “The Great Work”.  It’s not called “the great shortcut”!

What we offer is not a weekend seminar. There is no “free webinar” to entice you to sign up for a long and expensive process.  Nor is what we offer an isolated motivational event.  Motivation must be generated by YOU, and the intention is to find that for yourself by doing this work.  We won’t ask you to walk on coals, yet you will be called to step into the metaphorical fire of Alchemy.  Alchemical study is not a quick fix…and that is why it is effective and brings results.

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What to Expect

Each coaching session will be conducted on Zoom and will be an hour long.  We will begin by establishing a foundation and roadmap for your work.  I am confident that you will get a lot of value out of our first two sessions, with only having made a small financial investment.


In-person consulting and group trainings are available and can be custom formatted upon request.

"John! Entrepreneur, Alchemist, Teacher,  Compassion, Manager, Wise. A magnificent balance of all these that bring guidance and equanimity to situations. John has taken me through many a challenge/ worry / frustration and in each case he facilitated a lens of clarity for me to see that this was actually an opportunity, a force for grounding and resetting to what is needed in the moment."

Katrina Markoff

CEO Vosges Chocolates


Are you ready to start your journey?

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