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Why me, who am I?

First and foremost, I am passionate about facilitating someone on their journey to their fullest potential, it truly feeds my soul. I also hold that this work is universal in nature and crosses all cultural and gender boundaries.


Business Experience

I have been a professional sales and management trainer since the mid-1980’s, and a leadership trainer and coach for the past several years. I have managed several firms in the consumer and professional Audio Visual industry throughout the western United States.  Ten years ago, my business partner and I began our own company, building it into a multi-million dollar corporation. Like many, I have experienced epic failures during my professional career; however, I continue to learn from them and choose to take risks. I learn from identifying my own blocks and seeing and acting upon my potential.

Integration of Alchemy and Business

Alchemy has helped me discover things about myself which I wouldn’t have found without doing this deep work.  It is an ongoing process of learning and applying these lessons and tools to all aspects of my life.  Through my studies, I have come to see how alchemical principles and applications have helped me realize my potential and calling. 

As we work together in a coaching relationship, I will utilize my experience to help you identify and use your internal “gold” to unlock the hidden potential that lies within you.

"John! Entrepreneur, Alchemist, Teacher,  Compassion, Manager, Wise. A magnificent balance of all these that bring guidance and equanimity to situations. John has taken me through many a challenge/ worry / frustration and in each case he facilitated a lens of clarity for me to see that this was actually an opportunity, a force for grounding and resetting to what is needed in the moment."

Katrina Markoff

CEO Vosges Chocolates

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