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Embracing Your Primal Instincts

In our fast-paced, modern world, it's easy to feel disconnected from our primal selves and the natural world around us. However, rekindling (re-membering) our connection with nature and our innate instincts can be a powerful and transformative journey. One way to achieve this is by forging bonds with animal allies, allowing us to enhance our senses and deepen our understanding of the world.


photo by John Hernandez Cheteh, Botswana

   Observing and learning from the behavior of animals can provide valuable insights into our surroundings. Each creature possesses unique traits and abilities, offering lessons that can help us navigate life with greater awareness. For instance, the acute senses of a fox can inspire us to tune into our surroundings more keenly, while the agility of a cat can teach us to move through life with grace and poise.

photo by John Hernandez Hawk, South Africa

     By connecting with our animal allies, we can awaken dormant senses and heighten our awareness of the world. Whether it's learning to see through the eyes of a hawk or listening to the wisdom of a wise old owl, these connections can enrich our lives and deepen our appreciation for the beauty and complexity of nature. After all, are we not part of this nature?

     Moreover, embracing our primal instincts can serve as a transformative tool for everyday life. As we learn to trust our intuition and tap into our innate wisdom, we can make decisions that are more aligned with our true selves. Whether it's following a gut feeling or heeding a warning sign, connecting with our primal selves can help us navigate life's twists and turns with confidence and clarity.

     A key aspect of connecting with animal allies is recognizing that the timing is crucial. When we are truly ready, the right animal will come to us. This is not a forced or contrived connection but rather a natural and organic unfolding. When the time is right, the animal will appear, signaling that it is ready to form a bond with us. It's important to approach this encounter with openness and receptivity, allowing the connection to develop authentically.

photo by John Hernandez Kudu, Zambia

     In conclusion, getting in touch with our primal selves and forming connections with animal allies can be a profound and transformative journey. By embracing our instincts and learning from the wisdom of the natural world, we can enhance our senses, deepen our awareness, and navigate life with greater clarity and purpose. And when the time is right, the animal will come, ready to guide us on our journey of self-discovery and growth.



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